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Air charter uplift

Boomerang Air Charter had an incredibly impressive business of high end clientele who relied on their services and enjoyed their fleet of aircraft for their travel. However, Boomerang’s branding was sub-par and did not communicate the beauty of life in the air and the ease of service and quality they  offered. I made adjustments to communicate the feeling of their company experience and both Boomerang and their clients were very impressed with the new look and feel of their branding.

boutique upgrade

Jodi Broadwater is a small business owner who was looking to update her existing boutique logo with something more pronounced. It needed to still fit her feminine ambiance with her pink color theme. Together we created a broader color palette based on inspiration photos. She is very pleased with the results.

technically inspired

The high end technical applications of a Lidar Radar scanning company, Geohawk, is not beyond the scope of incorporating incredible design, in fact I found the technical landscape quite a playground for inspiration as we explored the wide visual range and flight range of the hawk, who naturally connects himself to the landscape.

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Your brand is the heart & story behind your business. A strong brand conveys who you are to your audience, heightens your professionalism, and makes a lasting impression. It’s a big part of the environment you’re in and what your vision for the future is.

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